Founded in 2008, DRG is a Denver-based full service real estate business, comprised of three main business units:

  • DRG operates a full-service property management business, serving both affiliated and third- party owners of properties ranging from single family homes through large apartment complexes. The property management business services the entire Denver metro area and Colorado Springs, and has over one thousand units in its management portfolio. While the business originally began servicing single family homes, over half of the management portfolio is now apartment buildings, largely in the North Aurora submarket. The property management business also employs a full team of leasing agents, in-house maintenance and cleaning staff, and office staff designed to handle the demands of a growing business. While the property management business has grown through the acquisitions made by the investing partnerships described below, it also serves third party owners looking for an alternative to self-management.

  • DRG Partners also serve as anchor investors, investment advisors, and property managers to several large investment partnerships. These partnerships have a solid track record of attractive purchase prices, and excellent investment returns. Additionally, through DRG property management services, the partnerships have achieved excellent operational results from selective value-added renovations, and efficient leasing management.We are always looking to acquire new property, anywhere from single family homes to large apartment complexes. If you are interested in selling your property, whatever it may be, please contact us and we will provide an offer in 24 hours or less.

  • Lastly, DRG serves as an independent real estate broker, with a dedicated team of agents primarily transacting single family homes. Our agents are some of the best trained, most customer-service oriented brokers in the business. If you are interested in assistance buying or selling your property, please contact us at for a prompt response on how we can help you.

We as business are collectively committed to becoming the best real estate company in Colorado. We consider this to be our “MAIN PRINCIPLE”, and every employee, from top to bottom, is tasked with making all decisions in alignment with this concept. We will achieve this through unsurpassed customer service to both owners and tenants, as well as investors and brokerage customers. Excellent communication both internally and to third parties, personal accountability at every level, attention to detail, individual reliability, and effective use of internal systems, tools and procedures are the skills we will prioritize that will enable us to deliver the best possible customer service, and as a result, achieve our MAIN PRINCIPLE.